Curly Galbraith Global Memorial


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A major building block for a successful career and life, everywhere, is knowledge. Personal knowledge is the result of a curious mind, early life experiences, learning of the skills of living, and being productive and valuable to the world.  Formal training and education is a birthright and is provided in most countries of the world.  When the formal education and training  extends to higher levels of skill, and training of the mind, then it results in people -young people – who are needed to perform the tasks of a highly specialized world.

The Curly Galbraith Global Memorial is a gift of advanced training and education to young people who have lost their  parents  to AIDS or live impoverished lives.  In a

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The School Teacher is an early graduate of the       scholarship program

majority of cases the scholarship children are orphaned by AIDS in Uganda.  Yet they have persevered  with their education and passed the highest standards in Secondary School, making them eligible to continue their training or education at local Universities and Colleges.

Having skills, a trade, and a base of knowledge gives any of us an advantage in a competitive world.

The  Curly Galbraith Global Memorial (named after a highly honored Rotarian) helps these young people take the next step.  There are now 41 graduates,

and another 14 in the queue getting their training. Upon graduation, with support frompreview[5] Rotarians, they will find jobs, set up shops to create their own jobs; become teachers, nurses, engineers, farmers, electricians, seamstresses, veterinarians,  pharmacists, dental assistants, carpenters, electricians, computer specialists, and the list goes on..

Costs in Uganda are low in comparison to the Western World.  Approximately

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US$2000  to $3000 is enough to pay tuition, other fees and room and board for TWO TO THREE YEARS of training resulting in a certificate, diploma or a degree.

After a successful five year project to support AIDS orphans called “Taking Rotary Assistance to Communities and Children” (TRACC), the Curly Galbraith Global Memorial  was set up in 2011 to take on students who had completed High School education with a good record. The impact is undeniable.  Upon completion of their program, young adults, often without hope, regain the dignity and positive outlook that comes from finding a career, and a purpose.  Also they are an example to the community and take the lead in reducing the poverty in their own families. The success rate of the graduates  in securing or creating work is close to 100%